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Aeration & Overseeding In Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, & Other Lake Norman, NC Areas

Revitalize your lawn with our liquid aeration, mechanical aeration, dethatching, and overseeding services that encourage healthy growth.

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Aeration and overseeding services for homes and businesses in Denver, Huntersville, and surrounding Lake Norman areas.

With six treatments of liquid aeration a year, we keep your soil from becoming compacted and unable to breathe.

Over time, soil can become compacted and unable to breathe. This stops nutrients from getting to your grass's roots and doesn't foster healthy growth. To stop this from happening, we provide six treatments of liquid aeration each year, along with one mechanical aeration in the winter. 

Combining our aeration services with dethatching and overseeding allows us to help create a healthy, living soil and happy, green grass in home and business yards across the Lake Norman area, including Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and nearby communities.

Liquid Aeration Keeps Your Soil Loose & Fertile All Year 

At Proformance Turf, we use industry-leading products and strive to be innovators in the lawn care field. That's one reason why we strive to use liquid aeration over mechanical or core aeration. Using a core aerating machine only aerates certain areas of the yard where the machine pokes holes. With liquid aeration, we are able to effectively aerate the entire yard with a blanket treatment and keep the soil loose and fertile all year long. 

Our liquid aeration spray is an acid combined with two other products. As the acid is sprayed onto the soil, it works its way down, creates pockets of air to break up the soil, and carries other nutrients such as fertilizers and different metals down with it. Liquid aeration works better in the Lake Norman area because we often go through periods of drought here that dry up the soil and harden it.

We can also provide a core aeration treatment during the winter if so desired, as winter is the most effective time to aerate in our area.

Dethatching Removes Unhealthy Lawn Buildup that Blocks Access to Nutrients

Close up photo after we used our dethatching techniques on a lawn in Cornelius, NC.

Thatch is a buildup on your lawn of dead and living grass parts, such as clippings, roots, and more. This buildup saps up all the light, air, and water, blocking your soil from accessing those nutrients. As thatch builds, your grass begins to grow in this material instead of the actual soil, leading to a weak lawn that can't fight off insects or disease. To control thatch, we apply a liquid dethatching treatment that is full of enzymes and bacteria that will eat the thatch and turn it into organic matter that will nourish your lawn. This treatment is also easier on your lawn than traditional dethatching.

Overseeding Services Encourage Healthy, New Grass Growth

Grass seed used in our overseeding services at a residential property in Huntersville.

We only use top-shelf, high-end grass seed for our residential and commercial clients in Lake Norman. Since this area is mostly fescue, we lay down fescue grass seed after we have put down a fertilizer treatment 30 days beforehand. That fertilizer treatment gives the grass a nutrient-rich environment to begin growing. 

If your lawn's health is suffering, then contact us today to learn more about aeration, dethatching, and overseeding!

At Proformance Turf, we have over 30 years of experience treating lawns across the Lake Norman area. To reach optimal health, lawns need aeration, overseeding, and dethatching. We can provide these services and more to residential and commercial properties across Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and the nearby communities. Contact us today at (704) 201-4628 to set up a consultation!

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