Aeration & Overseeding

Revitalize your lawn with our liquid & mechanical aeration and overseeding services to enhance your lawn’s growth potential. We provide services to residential and commercial clients in Denver, NC and many communities throughout greater Lake Norman.

Core & Liquid Lawn Aeration

Over time the soil in the greater Lake Norman area can harden and become quite compact to the point that it prevents air, water and nutrients from getting under the surface. When this happens, your lawn needs a visit from a team that knows how to revive soil and creates dense root systems in the process. To stop this from happening, we provide six treatments of liquid aeration each year, along with one mechanical aeration in the winter.

Our liquid aeration spray is a non-toxic acid combined with two other fertilizer products and is applied during a fertilizer application. When the product is sprayed onto the soil, it works its way down, creates pockets of air to break up the soil and carries other nutrients such as fertilizer down with it.

We do provide traditional core aeration services in the winter, however the reason we prefer liquid applications is that a core aerating machine can only reach the areas of the yard where the machine can fit. With liquid, we are able to effectively aerate the entire yard with a blanket treatment, yielding to looser soil.

Lawn Overseeding

If your lawn’s health is suffering and thinning out, then chances are it would benefit from an application of new grass seed. We only use top-shelf, high-end grass seed for our residential and commercial clients. Since this area is mostly Fescue, we apply Fescue grass seed at least 30 days after we have put down a fertilizer treatment. Waiting that much time allows the fertilizer treatment to produce a nutrient-rich environment for the new seed to begin growing.

At Proformance Turf, we have over 30 years of experience treating lawns across the Lake Norman area. To reach optimal health, lawns need a healthy balance of fertilization, weed control, aeration and overseeding. We can provide these services and more to residential and commercial properties throughout Denver, NC and many surrounding communities.

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