If you’ve noticed more brown patches in your lawn this summer, it could be a good idea to aerate your yard before fall arrives. Core aeration helps relieve compacted soil, remove thatch, and allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Fall is a perfect time for aeration, but it’s important to schedule it before the temperatures drop too much and the grass goes into dormancy. Proformance Turf in Denver, NC can handle your fall lawn maintenance, and will have your lawn looking healthier before winter arrives.

Along with aeration, over seeding your lawn in the fall can also be beneficial. Grass does get old, and introducing new seed is the best way to ensure a lush, green yard come spring. Proformance offers power seeding services, which provides fast and effective seed distribution, and we can also get your grass ready to be seeded. We can mow and trim your lawn to prepare it, and then add the desired seed, bolstering your yard’s health and longevity.

Help those thin or brown areas in your lawn come back to life by contacting Proformance Turf for core aeration and over seeding services. We’ll design the perfect lawn maintenance program for your grass, and always arrive on the scheduled date at the scheduled time. Our customers are always our top priority, and we look forward to caring for your lawn for many years to come. Contact us online for a Speedy Fast™ Quote or call us in Denver, NC at 704-243-5999 at a team member will answer all of your questions.