Dealing with Lawn & Garden Weeds

Having a lush healthy lawn is one of the marks of a proud homeowner but to accomplish this one must put up with the tedium of eliminating weeds in the lawn. It’s important to know and fully understand everything there is to know about weed treatment in Huntersville NC; the right products, when to apply them and their safety are just a few things that the owner needs to contend with. Weeds can be controlled either by chemical herbicides or through organic methods, let’s look at them.

Chemical Weed Control

Herbicides can act on weeds in two different ways; pre-emergent and post emergent. Pre emergent herbicides either form a barrier in the garden soil to prevent the germination of weed seeds or they act on the seeds directly. This form of weed control is done early in the lawn growing season; it prevents weeds such as crab grass from taking hold as the soil warms up. When the time is right, pre emergent herbicides can keep weeds at bay for three or four months.
Post emergent herbicides are used during the growing season; they go to work on weeds which are actively growing. This type of herbicide can work selectively or non-selectively.
Selective weed control uses herbicides that have been formulated to leave grass untouched but to target weeds. Herbicides that contain 2-4-D are used when the problem is broad leaf weeds. Grass like weeds is harder to control with herbicides but there are products on the market that can be used for post-emergent crab grass control. In some cases a single application will not suffice and follow up applications are necessary.

Non-selective herbicides must be used with great care as they not only take out weeds, they will take out the grass in the lawn as well. This type of herbicide is normally used to control weeds that grow in a driveway or in the sidewalk cracks; if it is used on a lawn it must be applied only to individual weeds otherwise the entire lawn will be wiped out.

Organic Weed Control

Organic weed treatment in Huntersville NC is more of a holistic approach to weed control, there is no magic solution for killing weeds when the approach is organic. The objective is to build a lawn that will be rich and out-compete the weeds and this is done through soil management and cultural practices such as mowing at a high level, aeration, de-thatching, topdressing with composed organic material and maintaining the lawn by reseeding bare patches as they appear.