When you step out into your yard this summer, you want to see lush and level grass, not dandelions and other weeds poking their heads above your lawn. You might spend a few hours each week pulling weeds from your grass and along the edges of your sidewalk, but that’s really only a surface treatment, since new ones will most likely spring up the next week. Unless you remove the root and eliminate the entire weed, you’ll always be fighting a losing battle. At Proformance Turf in Denver, NC, our fertilization and weed control targets those pesky dandelions and other invasive plants that are threatening to take over your lawn.

Depending on the season, we will employ a different weed elimination and control method. In the winter, we will add a lime application to balance out your soil’s pH level. If the pH level is too low, or acidic, lime raises that level and makes your grass more hardy come springtime. This deters the growth of weeds and makes your grass less susceptible to invasive plants. We focus on getting rid of weeds, and never apply anything that will harm your grass or other landscaping.

If you’re tired of looking at a lawn that’s being taken over, call us for weed control in Denver, NC. We serve the greater Lake Norman area, as well as communities around Charlotte. You don’t have to settle for a weed-infested lawn, or spend countless hours pulling up dandelions each weekend. Contact Proformance Turf at 704-243-5999 right away.