A beautiful lawn is hard to get and harder yet to keep, there are so many reasons why a lawn dies and it can be frustrating for the homeowner when trying to determine the cause. A lawn can be attacked by a number of diseases but it is always wise to consider non-disease causes first. It could be a simple as a lack of aeration or even too much water.

Without sufficient water the lawn will surly die off, however, too much water can be just as deadly. If you water your grass too often you stand the risk of killing it. It is not necessary to soak the lawn and keep it soaked, generally speaking a lawn should be watered just enough to wet the entire root zone but it should be done infrequently. A healthy lawn, one which does not have hard, compacted soil should not need any more than about an inch of water once every week in the summer. As the heat of summer abates, less water is required.

A major contributor to a poor lawn is soil compaction. A good lawn starts long before the seed or sod is applied. Many people are of the opinion that a couple of inches of soil is enough to support a lawn; not so. To reduce the potential of soil compaction a good six or eight inch cover of quality top soil should be applied and it should be well tilled. If the soil cover is too shallow the grass roots will not grow deep.

Even with an adequate soil cover below the grass it still can become compacted. Rain, foot traffic and mowing all add to this over time. To deal with this the lawn should be aerated; this is a job which is best left to professionals who deal with lawn care in Lake Norman NC as they have machines to do the job right. A good aeration job will cover about 10-15 percent of the lawn area with holes. Lawn aeration can be done by spiking the ground or actually removing small plugs of soil, removing plugs is the better way as spiking has the tendency to further compact the soil.

Other problems with lawns can be attributed to mowing the blades to short, allowing too many cuttings to stay on the lawn, building up thatch, standing water, insects and disease. If you believe your lawn has contacted a disease it is important to call for professional lawn care in Lake Norman NC as these pros are trained in disease recognition and cure.