One of the best ways to get a lush and thick lawn is by Power Seeding the grass of your Huntersville home. After seeding the lawn, you will then need to water it, but this is not as easy as it sounds. Having too much water can wash the newly laid seeds away, which will be counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. By not having enough water, you will not give the new seeds the help that they need to sprout and grow. The following are a few tips on watering your newly seeded lawn.

Consistency is the Key

The more important part of having a successful grass seeding experience is to water the lawn consistently. You need to water the seeds at least twice a day and on days that are much hotter, you need to water the seeds three times to compensate for the evaporation. By keeping the soil moist with water, you will be able to aid in the germination of the seeds. You need to stay on this regimen for as long as it takes the seeds to germinate and sprout.

Don’t Overdo It

Another thing to remember when watering a newly seeded lawn is to not overdo it with the sprinklers. By over watering your seeds, you will prevent them from getting the necessary amount of oxygen that they need to germinate properly. If you notice that there are pools of water forming in your yard, then you need to cut back on the amount you are using. If the grass seed does survive after being in a puddle of water, then it will grow unevenly and be very unattractive. You have to pay attention to what you are doing when watering your grass seeds because they are very fragile.

Evenly Water Your Lawn

Another thing that you need to remember when watering your seeds is to give each part of your lawn equal attention. You need to set your sprinklers to water in the same intervals to make sure that there are no neglected parts of your lawn. By not watering all of your lawn, it will grow uneven, which will reduce the overall aesthetic appeal.

By following these rules, you will ensure that the grass seeds that you have planter will grow the right way. If you need advice on the best way to seed your lawn, then call in a professional lawn service to assist you.