For homeowners who are looking to strengthen the roots in their lawn, a weed and feed treatment is just what they need. The stress that a rigorous fall and winter can put on a lawn can be great, which is why a weed and feed treatment is needed. In most cases, the best time to do a weed and feed treatment is in the fall of the year because it gives you grass the boost of nutrients that it needs to get through the rough conditions ahead. Using weed and feed is also great when used as a method of Weed Control for your Lake Norman NC lawn. The following is some information regarding weed and feed treatments.

The Benefits

A weed and feed treatment can provide a variety of different benefits for the grass on your lawn. One of the biggest benefits that it can provide is an infusion of nutrients into your grass that can give it a revitalized look. A good weed and feed treatment will also help to contain the weeds on your grass. The money that you pay for this particular treatment is more than worth it when you consider how beneficial it can be.

The Types of Treatments

In the case of weed and feed, there are two different treatments that are commonly used. The first one is a pre-emergent treatment which helps to kill the seeds of the weeds in your yard. In most cases, the pre-emergent is good for newly seeded lawns due to the access to the soil it gives. The next kind of weed and feed treatment available is an emergent type that attacks the weeds that have already formed on your lawn. This type of treatment is very effective and will allow you to get rid of those pesky weeds in no time.

Considerations to Make

The type of weed and feed that you use on your lawn should be determined based on the weather conditions. There are weed and feed treatments that are used in certain types of weather and using them in the wrong conditions will result in lack luster results. You need to also follow the directions given to you to the letter to prevent any undesired results.

By using the weed and feed treatment, you will be able to get the lawn that you want. If you are unsure about how to use this helpful treatment, then you will need to consult with a professional lawn care business.