Finding the time to take care of your lawn during the summer is a challenge that any homeowner can face and at Proformance Turf, we understand the struggle to keep your yard healthy and green all summer. Our lawn care in the Denver, NC area is designed to keep your grass strong and vibrant all season, as well as to prepare it for the cold of fall and winter, helping it come back stronger in the spring.

We provide traditional lawn care services such as mowing and trimming, but we also take the time to evaluate the health of your lawn and help it in the areas where it’s needed most. Our weed control protocols are designed to target those unwanted weeds, not to negatively affect the grass, shrubs, and other aspects of your landscaping. For summer fertilization, we apply a product with 10 percent iron, promoting healthier growth and remedying any iron deficiency that might be affecting your grass. While iron may be present in the soil, it won’t release a sufficient quantity into the grass, and your lawn may not have adequate iron uptake capabilities.

If you need lawn care in Denver, NC, or you’re concerned about the long-term health of your yard, contact Proformance Turf today. We’ve served the area for nearly 30 years, and we’ve helped countless homeowners return their lawns to a beautiful and vibrant state. We’ll discuss our fertilization and weed control programs, as well as your core aeration and over seeding options. We look forward to taking care of your lawn this summer!