Hydro-seeding, often called power seeding is a procedure that uses hydraulic seeders that dispenses a thick slurry of grass seed, mulch and water. This slurry is blasted over the ground using a vehicle mounted tank sprayer system which is taken to the location where the grass will be planted. Lake Norman power seeding has been in use for many years, starting commercially in the US and then spreading to other countries. Today, hydro-seeding is used extensively because it is effective, has a high degree of success and is cost efficient as well.

Lake Norman power seeding is a widely used alternative to the traditional method of sowing grass seed and then following it up with a layer of mulch. The benefits of power seeding are the prevention of erosion on slopes and the fact that the seeds sprout quickly and grow rapidly. It is often used in land reclamation, especially land which has been scorched and burnt in a wildfire. By laying down a layer of mulch, the soil is stabilized and as the grass grows quickly, it can effectively put a stop to other unwanted plant life taking over the area.

The early sprouting and fast growth of the grass is due to moisture content which is maintained by the mulch that is part of the slurry mixture. In many cases fertilizer is also added to the slurry mix which further encourages rapid growth and a healthy grass cover. Today, Lake Norman power seeding has basically replaced traditional seeding methods on golf courses, along highway medians, new housing developments and almost anywhere where the landscape was razed.

Power Seeding

Power Seeding is a one step process, manpower is kept at a minimum and certainly far fewer people are involved than the traditional method of seeding, mulching, fertilizing and mulching as separate steps.
The benefits to the homeowner are many. Power seeding results in a quick cover, in many cases in less than a week results are already visible. The slurry that is used is green and while growth is taking place, this looks much better than the old method of throwing a straw cover over the area. Straw always contains a lot of weed seeds, the slurry contains none and straw mulch actually leaches nitrogen from the soil as it decomposes, slurry does not do this.

For years, sod was the favored way of getting quick results. Sod is expensive and labor intensive and in some cases it does not take due to lack of care. Power seeding is an excellent solution and is something that can be done quickly by professionals with the right equipment.