Many homeowners have the misconception that having weeds is a bad thing, but if you know what they are trying to tell you then you can benefit from them. Most people try to kill off the weeds in their yards with harsh chemicals, which can complicate the problem. You need to assess what is causing you to have weed problems and the go from there with a treatment strategy. If you are unsure of what type of Weed Treatment to use on your Huntersville Nc lawn, then you need to call in a professional to assist you. The following are a few of the most common weeds you will encounter on your lawn and what they might mean.


For the most part, clover is a very mild weed that does not cause problems for your lawn. In most cases, the appearance of clover on your lawn signifies that your soil is very low in nitrogen. This is not a problem because the clover can actually help to increase the amount of nitrogen in your soil. Instead of trying to get rid of clover, you need to leave them alone because they can be very helpful to the condition of your lawn.


Another common weed that you will encounter on your lawn is a dandelion. The appearance of dandelions is an indicator that the grass in your yard is not developing the roots it needs to be healthy. Your soil may also be very low in calcium, which will require various treatments to correct. If you suspect that you have damaged soil, then you need to get it tested by a professional. If you are looking to get rid of dandelions, then you can use corn gluten and spread it all around your property.


It is very easy for your lawn to be overtaken by crabgrass because it takes very little sunlight and water to make it grow and spread. In most cases, the appearance of crabgrass will signify that you are cutting your lawn to short. In order to get rid of this pesky weed, you will need to dig out the roots. You can also use corn gluten to get rid of this weed.

By listening to what your grass is trying to tell you, it will help you to have a much healthier and aesthetically appealing lawn. If you find yourself in need of assistance, then be sure to contact a reputable lawn care company.