We Provide Fertilization & Weed Control In Denver, Huntersville and Surrounding Lake Norman Communities.

Owning a lush green lawn is no doubt a matter of pride, but sometimes weeds take control not only to spoil the beauty of your lawn, but also to hamper your plants and shrubs severely. Fertilization & Weed ControlThe weed control services of Performance Turf ensure that your lawn remains free from weed all year long without burning a hole in your pocket. Weeds always compete with plants and grass in your lawn for nutrition, sunlight as well as water.

Since, weeds have the tendency to grow at different rates at different seasons throughout the year, the chances of weed taking control of your lawn always lurk even if you regularly mow. While some weeds are just a nuisance spoiling the beauty of your lawn others such as poison ivy can be harmful. A few other weeds just produce thorns and burrs and some have strong sprout making your children or visitors vulnerable to accidents.

Generally speaking, weeds first take control of the beautiful grass then followed by trees or shrubs if any. Our weed control service ensures a consistent beauty of your lawn. We take a great deal of care as well as attention to provide a satisfactory weed control for your lawn. Hence, all of our technicians are highly skilled when it comes to dealing with any sort of lawn issues.

Our Fertilization And Weed Control Services

The procedure we utilize only targets the unwanted weed and avoids killing plants, shrubs and other desirable materials of your lawn. We utilize 6 fertilizer as well as one lime application for a complete weed control for your lawn. While the fertilizer helps in maintaining the beauty of the grass the lime application thoroughly prevents from growing any kind of weed. Fertilizer is provided during early spring, late spring, summer, fall, late fall and winter.

The lime application is provided during late winter. This entire procedure ensures that your lawn always remain free from unwanted weeds. We have decades of experience in providing quality lawn care as well as weed treatments and hence Performance Turf is the top lawn care specialist in Lake Norman. We ensure that our customers only have the best experience in weed treatments and hence we only utilize best materials and equipment for a lush green and picturesque lawn.

Our customers enjoy a complete peace of mind because they know that their lawn will have the best treatment available in the industry. Our team consistently works with each of our clients to provide quality products, excellent services and last but not the least an affordable price. Select us as your partner for maintaining a beautiful environment of your lawn that you and your family members can enjoy every day and become neighbor’s envy.

6 Fertilization & 1 Lime Application

  • Early Spring: Fertilizer with Pre-emergents 19-00-03
  • Late Spring: Fertilizer with Pre-emergents 13-00-05
  • Summer: Fertilizer with 10% iron 05-00-20
  • Fall: Fertilizer with 25% slow release 18-24-12
  • Late Fall: Fertilizers with 50% slow release 24-00-05
  • Winter: 46-00-00
  • Late Winter: Solu-Cal lime


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