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Irrigation Repairs & Maintenance In Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, & Other Lake Norman, NC Areas

Have your irrigation system at your home, business, or condos repaired and maintained by pros with over 30 years of experience.

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Irrigation repair and maintenance for commercial and residential properties around Lake Norman, including Denver and Huntersville.

With proper irrigation, we can help ensure your lawn is as healthy and happy as possible.

When your lawn isn't properly watered, it can affect the health of your grass. If there is too much moisture, the risk of lawn disease increases. If there isn't enough moisture, your grass is weakened and not able to fight off insect infestations. 

At Proformance Turf, we can repair and maintain irrigation systems at homes and businesses to ensure the grass is healthy and happy as possible in areas around Lake Norman, such as Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and more.

What Happens When Irrigation Systems Don't Work Properly

Our team repairing a broken irrigation pipe at a residential property.

When irrigation systems don't work properly, your lawn and landscaping will suffer, whether they are receiving too much water or not enough water. When there's too much moisture, the conditions are ripe for fungal diseases such as brown patch to form, which can quickly overtake a lawn without proper fungicide treatment. Not enough moisture leads to your grass's health suffering and being weakened. Too much moisture in a landscaping bed can cause issues with plants such as root rot. 

Water pressure issues can end up damaging the sprinkler system as well. It's also important to have a professional verify that each zone is working properly. If one area is getting too much water and the other area isn't getting enough water, there could be problems within the irrigation system zones

Too much watering also leads to a rising water bill for you, which can incur a large cost over time.

Irrigation System Repairs Include Broken Sprinkler Heads, Fixing Timers, & More

Rarely do we ever see an irrigation system that was properly installed. Our team can come out to your property and quickly assess the situation to find out what is malfunctioning in your sprinkler system. Proper watering also affects other services, such as fertilization and weed control applications. When your system isn't working, we can troubleshoot to determine the issue and then repair in on the spot. Common irrigation repairs we perform include:

  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads
  • Fixing timers
  • Adjusting water flow
  • Checking zones
  • Ensuring no sprinkler heads are blocked

Startups & Winterizing Are Key to Your Irrigation System's Health

Doing start up maintenance on a clients irrigation during the spring.

Other important parts of irrigation system maintenance include spring startups and winterizing your system. When temperatures dip below freezing, you don't want to have any residual water in the sprinkler pipes as it can freeze, expand, and crack the pipes. We winterize a system by blowing any water out and drying out the inside of the pipes to remove that water. We also turn off timers so that the system won't try to run during winter weather.

Once spring rolls around, we will perform a spring startup where we come out, turn the water back on, adjust the timers, and ensure that all zones and sprinkler heads are working properly so your grass will have the right amount of water during the growing season.

Need help repairing and maintaining your existing sprinkler system? Contact us today.

At Proformance Turf, we have over 30 years of experience working with irrigation and sprinkler systems. Our maintenance and repair services help make sure your existing system is working flawlessly. If you need help assessing what's wrong with your irrigation, contact us today at (704) 201-4628 to learn how we can help you in Lake Norman areas such as Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and more.

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