1. The Lawn Care You’ll Need to Do Before Winter Sets In

    Your lawn is getting ready to settle in for the winter, and there are some lawn care tips and tricks that you can use in order to make sure your lawn comes back healthier and stronger than ever in the spring. Before winter settles in, put these lawn care items to work in your Denver NC home: Now is the time to aerate your lawn. Aeration allows winter to penetrate deeper into the grass, where nutri…Read More

  2. It’s Time for a Fertilizer Application on Your Lawn

    There are certain times of the year that are great for a fertilizer application to your Denver, NC lawn, and one of those times is coming up soon. Before winter weather settles in, you'll want to apply a moderate amount of fertilizer to your yard in order to help it survive colder months and come back thick and green in the spring. Timing your fertilizer application correctly to get the best resul…Read More

  3. Bolster Your Lawn’s Health with Core Aeration and Over Seeding

    If you've noticed more brown patches in your lawn this summer, it could be a good idea to aerate your yard before fall arrives. Core aeration helps relieve compacted soil, remove thatch, and allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Fall is a perfect time for aeration, but it's important to schedule it before the temperatures drop too much and the grass goes into dormancy. Proformance…Read More

  4. Take Care of Your Trees Before Fall Arrives

    The trees in your yard provide shade and protection for your home, and it's important to take care of them every season. If you had new trees planted in the past year, it's essential that they're nurtured and fertilized so they grow tall and strong, providing even more shade and protection in the future. At Proformance Turf, our shrub and tree care in Denver, NC and the surrounding area is intende…Read More

  5. Keep Mosquitoes from Becoming a Problem

    Stepping out into your backyard this summer, the last thing you want to deal with is a swarm of mosquitoes. While Denver, NC may not have as big of a mosquito problem as places like the Florida Everglades or the Texas panhandle, it's still important to protect yourself against their bite. At Proformance Turf, our pest control services include mosquito control and repellent, and we can provide effe…Read More

  6. Target the Weeds in Your Yard

    When you step out into your yard this summer, you want to see lush and level grass, not dandelions and other weeds poking their heads above your lawn. You might spend a few hours each week pulling weeds from your grass and along the edges of your sidewalk, but that's really only a surface treatment, since new ones will most likely spring up the next week. Unless you remove the root and eliminate t…Read More

  7. Improve Your Yard With Lawn Care in Denver, NC

    Finding the time to take care of your lawn during the summer is a challenge that any homeowner can face and at Proformance Turf, we understand the struggle to keep your yard healthy and green all summer. Our lawn care in the Denver, NC area is designed to keep your grass strong and vibrant all season, as well as to prepare it for the cold of fall and winter, helping it come back stronger in the sp…Read More

  8. What Your Lawn Weeds are trying to Tell You

    Many homeowners have the misconception that having weeds is a bad thing, but if you know what they are trying to tell you then you can benefit from them. Most people try to kill off the weeds in their yards with harsh chemicals, which can complicate the problem. You need to assess what is causing you to have weed problems and the go from there with a treatment strategy. If you are unsure of what t…Read More

  9. Tips on Effective Weed Control

    For many homeowners, dealing with weed in their lawn is a constant battle and finding an effective method of treating this problem can be very hard to do. There are many different treatments on the market that advertise that they will rid your yard of weeds altogether, but in most cases this is not at all the outcome. Ridding your yard of weeds take a lot of work and perseverance, but the payoff w…Read More

  10. Information on Weed and Feed Treatments

    For homeowners who are looking to strengthen the roots in their lawn, a weed and feed treatment is just what they need. The stress that a rigorous fall and winter can put on a lawn can be great, which is why a weed and feed treatment is needed. In most cases, the best time to do a weed and feed treatment is in the fall of the year because it gives you grass the boost of nutrients that it needs to …Read More