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Lawn Mowing Services In Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, & Other Lake Norman, NC Areas

Weekly lawn mowing services ensure your lawn is kept at the proper height to absorb key nutrients and maximize benefits from photosynthesis.

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Lawn mowing services for homes and businesses in the Lake Norman area, including Denver and Huntersville.

Our maintenance program provides weekly lawn mowing, landscape bed weeding, and leaf removal.

In the Lake Norman, NC area, there are gorgeous lawns and landscapes throughout the surrounding area. We've been in business since 1988 helping those lawns and landscapes reach optimal health with our services, which includes lawn maintenance tasks such as weekly lawn mowing, landscape bed weeding, and leaf removal.

We provide those services to homes, businesses, HOAs, and more in Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Mooresville, and other nearby communities.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Services Performed by Expert Grass Cutting Professionals

Mowing a large lawn at a home in Cornelius, NC.

At Proformance Turf, we've been mowing lawns for over 30 years, meaning we know exactly how to mow your lawn and make it look fantastic. When we mow, we cut grass blades at a height that is perfect for them to achieve maximum levels of photosynthesis, which helps your lawn get that deep green color that everyone covets. Keeping your lawn at that proper height also ensures it's healthy and able to fight off weeds and insect infestations. When grass is weakened, it has a harder time fending off weed growth and bugs such as grubs.

All of our weekly lawn mows, performed by expert grass cutting professionals, include services such as:

  • String-trimming: This is a horizontal cut, where we use a trimmer that can reach areas lawn mowers cannot. This is used around landscape beds and other obstacles in your yard.
  • Edging: An edger uses a vertical cut to trim the grass that's close to your concrete surfaces. We stay as close as possible to the concrete to make sure there are no gaps between driveways or sidewalks and the lawn.
  • Bagging of clippings: We blow all clippings off of your lawn and hardscapes before bagging them. This is a service we exclusively offer in our area at a lower price point. It ensures your lawn looks polished and immaculate once we leave.

Other Lawn Maintenance Services Include Landscape Bed Weeding & Leaf Removal

Landscaping bed at a home in Denver that we removed all weeds.

Keeping your landscapes free of weeds is important to their overall health. When we are out at a property and see weeds in landscape beds, our team will spray the weeds to get rid of them from those areas. Weeds tend to grow much more rapidly than landscape plants and when left unchecked, can overtake those plants and steal their nutrients.

To give your lawn a chance to access as many nutrients as possible before the cooler months of winter, it's advised to remove leaves in the fall. If leaves are allowed to accumulate on the lawn, they can block access to light, water, and air that your grass needs. Leaf piles can also provide an area for insects and other pests like snakes to hide.

For our maintenance customers, we provide leaf cleanup so that you don't have to worry about them on your property.

If you need lawn maintenance services for your Lake Norman property, contact us today.

With over 30 years serving the Lake Norman area, we have vast experience that can be applied to your lawn. We provide lawn mowing, leaf removal, and landscape bed weeding to our customers. Contact us today to learn more and get an estimate on our services at (704) 201-4628.

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