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The Importance of Your Lawn’s pH Level

Just like people and pets that need vital nutrients to thrive, so does your lawn and the soil beneath it. In order for your grass to absorb what it needs from the soil in order to grow, the pH level of the soil needs to be in check.

Soil pH

The pH level of your soil has a great impact on a lawn’s ability to grow to its potential. The ideal pH range for lawns in North Carolina is 6.5 to 7.0, so adjusting the soil pH when needed is one of the most important considerations of any effective lawn care program.

Avoiding Issues Caused by Improper pH Levels

If the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, many problems can occur and hinder the lawn’s strength and resilience.

Less than ideal pH levels can:

  • Prevent the soil from being able to absorb nutrients, creating nutrient deficiencies for your grass
  • Diminish the populations of beneficial microbes in the soil
  • Tighten the soil, reducing water and air flow to the roots

Soil pH Level Adjustment

Once you have your pH reading, adjustments can be made to your soil. This is best suited for a trained professional with the proper tools to take measurements and diagnose the solution to avoid burning your lawn.

For most lawns, the pH level is too low which means means there is too much acid in the soil. To correct a low pH level, lime can be applied to increase alkalinity. One thing to note is that since most properties around Lake Norman have clay-based soil, it will require a sizable dose of lime compared to lawns with sandier soils in order to increase the pH level.

Your soil will usually take 1-2 months to react the amendments, so wait approximately 60-90 days and then test the pH level again to see if additional treatments are needed.

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