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When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is performed on a yard to fix soil compaction that occurs naturally after years of mowing, foot traffic and other activity. The longer grass goes without being aerated, the more it will struggle to get water, air, and nutrients due to the compacted soil restricting the flow of these elements.

Aeration Methods & Benefits

The most popular method is using a core aerator. There are also tools known as “spike aerators”, which come in handheld form and tow-behind attachments for lawn tractors. These tools negatively impact your yard because they push into the ground and cause more compaction. A mechanical core aerator will reach into the soil and pull out a core plug of grass, roots and soil. These plugs are deposited from the machine into your yard and leaves holes approximately 2-3” deep.

With proper watering for at least 3-4 weeks following a lawn aeration service, your grass will fill these holes and be more robust as a result because water will be able to reach deeper into the soil, thus promoting strong root growth and allow your grass to flourish.

When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

Fall is the best time of the year for lawn aeration in the greater Lake Norman area. Since your grass will need ample time to recover, scheduling an aeration at least 6-8 weeks before the arrival of winter when the grass goes dormant is key. Depending on the type of soil your lawn is built on, you may also need to aerate your lawn more often. A clay-based soil is not as porous as other soil sandier types such as loam, so lawns with clay soil beneath or yards that receive a lot of foot traffic, activity, etc. may need lawn aeration at least twice per year – once in the spring and another in the fall.

If you have any questions about aerating your lawn in Denver, NC or surrounding area of Lake Norman at your home or business property, or you’d like to schedule aeration for your yard, get in touch with the lawn care experts at Proformance Turf today.

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